Projects in the clinical trials

Have obtained approvals for clinical trials of four 1.1 category new molecular entities, among them two are anti-cancer drugs (the indications are NSCLC, head-and-neck cancer, breast cancer and stomach cancer etc.) and they are in phase I clinical trials now. Two projects will enter clinical trials in Australia.

Pre-clinical studies

When the Hemay Group Corporation was first established, it was determined that we engage in research and development on category 1 new drug entities. After more than 10 years’ hard work, we have established two R&D platforms: one for and one for anti-cancer drugs

Our team

Tianjin American pharmaceutical technology co., LTD. Set up the design/drugs, molecular pharmacology laboratory chemical laboratory, cellular pharmacology laboratories, drug metabolism laboratory, toxicology and pharmacodynamics laboratories, pharmaceutical technology laboratory, pharmaceutical analysis laboratory, pharmaceutical preparations, laboratory and patent affairs and registration department, has a complete system of preclinical drug research and development, preliminary build complete complete chain first medicine research.


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