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The Introduction of Hemay102

Hemay102, a proprietary new chemical entity currently under investigation, is a cyrotoxic anticancer agent targeting Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) as its main purpose.

HCC is one of the most common types of malignant tumor. In China, especially, it is a very common malignant, with recorded incidences being 10 times higher than those of European countries. China alone accounts for over 55% of the entire HCC prevalence and 45% of all recorded HCC deaths worldwide [1].

Current treatments for HCC are very limited and are far from the level of satisfaction to be expected from these options. Most of the traditional cyrotoxic drugs have demonstrated inconsistency, poor reproduction, and/or obvious side effects.

Hemay102 has the potential to provide patients diagnosed with HCC to address this severe medical condition without having to undergo effective therapy. Hemay102 is currently under clinical trials in China.



[1] Chang LL, Zhang J, Zhang GL. Research progress in the treatment of liver cancer. Chinese Journal of Clinical Rational Drug Use, 2010, 3 (24): 90 - 91

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