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The Introduction of Hemay022

Hemay022, a tyrosine kinase irreversible inhibitor, is a proprietary new chemical entity being investigated to treat breast cancer.

Breast Cancer is a frequently diagnosed malignant throughout both China and the world. Breast cancer in China alone accounts for 12.2% of all global cases and 9.6% of breast cancer related deaths. The number of cases in China is expected to reach 2.5 million total cases by the year 2021, according to a study in 2014 [1].Traditional chemotherapy drugs are often unsuccessful at treating patients diagnosed with breast cancer because of major flaws such as poor selectivity, serious side effects, easily producible resistances to given drug and recurrences or metastasis even after being treated for breast cancer. Clinical studies have found that the HER2 gene is amplified in 25% - 30% of breast cancer patients. Its over activation has been linked with the occurrence and development of breast cancer. The HER2 gene has become a focal point for research of possible breast cancer treatments. Drugs targeting the HER2 gene, for treatment of patients diagnosed with breast cancer, are divided into two categories: monoclonal antibodies and small molecule HER2 inhibitors. However, there are significant flaws and weaknesses to both of these categories, ultimately calling for a better solution. The many disadvantages of the monoclonal antibody include, the struggle to meet demand, complex production sequences, demanding preservation and transportation conditions, all the while, being extremely inconvenient for the patient to use. On the other hand, small molecule HER2 reversible inhibitors, such as Lapatnib, are easily susceptible to drug resistances while HER2 irreversible inhibitors, such as Neratinib, have known to be seriously toxic and poorly tolerant in patients, rendering small molecule HER2 inhibitors as an inconsistent drug choice for many breast cancer patients.

Based on the experience of current developments as shown above, Hemay022 has shown promising success in comparison. Hemay022 is currently undergoing clinical trials in China.



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