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Hemay was founded in 2002, and it is a pharmaceutical company engaged in innovative drug research and development global wise. Our mission statement is to develop more effective, safer and more economical new drugs”. We uphold the "be responsible for the patient" attitude, and actively build a first-class drug production base through teamwork and scientific innovation.

We strive constantly, and cultivate and improve the Hemay team. We establish a relatively complete innovative drug pre-clinical research and development system, and build several innovative technology platforms of tumor and immune diseases and form a rich product research and development pipeline from early development to clinical trials. At present, we are actively promoting the clinical trials and industrialization of new drugs at home and abroad, and there are several category 1 new drugs in clinical trials at home and abroad; the indications of these drugs are breast cancer, NSCLC, HCC, psoriasis and Inflammatory bowel disease.

We pay great attention to the protection of Intellectual Property right, and actively participate in the protection of patent global wise. We have been given authorization of more than 100 invention patents in the world's major countries or regions.

We uphold the "open, grateful" mentality and actively seek collaboration and win-win opportunities. And we obtained recognition and support from all sectors of the world.

Many projects have been awarded “National major new drug discovery project” and Dr. Hesheng zhang has been awarded “Key overseas Chinese entrepreneurial team” from Overseas Chinese Affairs Office of the State Council. We have long-term collaboration relationship with other pharmaceutical companies, and thus we get venture capital and investments.

We have established R & D, operations and industrialization centers in Tianjin, Jiangxi, Australia and the United States, grasping R & D trends at home and abroad, docking domestic and international market demand, and hope that through our efforts, we will provide valuable new drugs for patients all over the world



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